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Learn Bosnian

We also offer Bosnian language courses for members of the international community. These courses are designed to teach you how to use Bosnian in everyday life, not just grammar rules. Emphasis is on practicing speaking and functional knowledge of grammar.

Are you eager to explore the rich culture and history of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Look no further! Our language school offers immersive and dynamic Bosnian language courses that will open doors to this fascinating and vibrant region.

Why Learn Bosnian?

Bosnian is a South Slavic language, spoken primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also recognized as an official language in neighboring Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia. With over 2.5 million speakers worldwide, mastering Bosnian will not only provide you with an insight into the daily lives of the locals but also open up opportunities for travel, business, and cross-cultural connections.

LITERATURE: DOBRO DOŠLI 1 (textbook and dictionary)

COURSE DURATION: 40 hours (3 times a week for two hours). A total of 1 month and 15 days.

EXAMINATION: The examination is based on the completed course and in writing according to the tests that have been prepared accordingly
mentioned literature and protected by our school.

CERTIFICATE: If the student successfully passes the test before our committee, he receives a bilingual CERTIFICATE of active or passive knowledge of the Bosnian language (Certificate of our school, which is registered at the Tuzla Court, under number U/I-691/98)

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